Lotterivägen 20, 2005 

Gallery Mejan, Stockholm

8 shelves 160 x 120 x 50 cm, mdf and pine 
142 cardboard-boxes
Household goods A few of the numbered items. From the catalogue ”BROWSE COPY” at the beginning of the exhibition   by the end off the exhibition From the opening at Gallery Mejan In Lotterivägen 20 the visitor was encouraged to take my personal belongings, free of charge. 
My flat was emptied of its content and re-installed at Gallery Mejan. Each item was photographed, numbered and put together in a catalogue, a so-called ”BROWSE COPY”. 

The objects were later put in numbered boxes which corresponded to the number in the catalogues. At the entrance to the gallery-room one would find a sign with short guidelines. The visitor could look, chose and take everything but the boxes, shelves catalogues and sign.

The installation consisted of furniture, books, clothes, china, underwear, household utilities. Copyright Gosia Bojkowska GOSIA BOJKOWSKA WORK BIOGRAPHY CONTACT