Puzzle: Narrative Fragments, 2006

Kungliga Konstakademien, Stockholm

Water-cut MDF
size: 30x40cm The plaster copies of antique sculptures which one finds at the Academy of fine Arts in Stockholm, are referred to as Tessin’s plasters since they were bought by Nicodemus Tessin, the leading architect at the Swedish court, in 1690. 

Tessin’s ambition was to create an Academy of fine Arts with the same standard that already existed in Europe but not in Sweden. He convinced King Charles XI that such a purchase was important for the development of the Academy, which would improve the modest culture life in Sweden.

The sculptures were to function as tools in teaching of anatomy and drawing. Unfortunately they did not come to use for almost a century since the Academy did not have a permanent address. Until the premises at Fredsgatan 12 was donated, they were stored away in cases and forgotten. When they later were installed at the Academy, drawing after antique sculptures was out of fashion and replaced by life models. Their significance has change and today they have become an anonymous part of the furnishing. From the Spring Exhibition 2006, Royal Academy of Arts, Stockholm Copyright Gosia Bojkowska GOSIA BOJKOWSKA WORK BIOGRAPHY CONTACT